In this season of giving, we want to share with you an opportunity to bless one of those closest to God’s heart. We have a number of children new to our Themba family who need sponsors. We want to invite you to receive into your hearts one of these children of Themba Le’Ntandane.

Meet Elijah, Bongile and Siyabonga!

Meet Elijah

Elijah is a very clever and friendly 6 year old. He jumps at the chance to participate in all activities in his pre-school. He is excited to begin his Grade 1 in “regular” school in January 2018.
Though his mother is HIV+ and on medication, she works hard but can only raise enough money to feed her family. She is grateful to God for answering her prayers through Themba Le’Ntandane.

We are delighted to have little Elijah and his older sister as a new part of our Themba family. He is a blessing to us.

Meet Bongile

Bongile is a healthy 3 year old, ready to start into pre-school in January. Her family have been a part of our Themba Family, but this is the first year Bongile will enter school and become an official part of Themba.

Though Bongile seems shy at first, she loves exploring and quickly warms up to people.

Her mother has been ill for some time, has now started treatment for TB and is feeling much better. She is so grateful for Themba, otherwise the children would not be able to go to school.

Meet Siyabonga

Siyabonga is such an unusual boy! His story amazes me and shows me how wonderful our God is.

Siyabonga never knew his father and his mother passed away in 2015, leaving him in the care of grandparents living in the rural areas. He now lives in the city with a cousin who has just finished high school (also an orphan). These two boys fend for themselves in this child-headed household, with their grandmother coming to check on them and to give them food supplies.

In spite of these hardships, Siyabonga has excelled in school, being chosen for a very respected role as one of the Prefects of the school.

As I have read through the biographies of these new children, I have seen how blessed we are to have them join our family. Beautiful children with very unusual stories, all given to us to love and serve.

If you would like to sponsor one of these children, please contact Lynn Nuzzo at

IF you would like to donate so these children can be blessed, please donate here.