Warm greetings to you. Once again, we are sharing how the children and caregivers of Themba have been blessed by your gifts.

Because of the dramatic increase of Covid in Zimbabwe, the country has been shut down and the schools are closed, and again, there is a food shortage in the families. Because of your gifts to the children, we were able to make another delivery of food. What a blessing this has been for them.

*** BREAKING NEWS *** Good News! (Text just received from Cornelious)

“There has been a significant change in regard to Covid 19 cases. Due to the high decrease in the Covid cases, we are expecting the president to lift the lockdown and announce the dates for the opening of schools as he addresses the nation tomorrow.”

The Themba Families Receive Food

The team on the ground was able to secure and deliver mealie meal, cooking oil, and soya meal for all 75 families.

Soya For The Families

Nutrition is so important when there is disease in the community. Bags of a mixture of soya and spices were given to each family so they can maintain their strength. The amount can give them good nutrition for the month.

Mealie Meal For Their Staple

Sodza or Isitshwala, the staple food for every Zimbabwe family, is cooked as a very thick porridge with white corn meal. A piece is then rolled in the hand and dipped into an accompanying sauce.
Yum! Delicious!

75 Family Units Receive Food Gifts

All 75 family units received food that can sustain them for the month. Each one was so thankful for this blessing to the family during these difficult times.

We are grateful to all the sponsors and partners of Themba for your continued support, even in this hard time we live under. We thank you!

May our gracious Lord richly bless you,

The Hope4theOrphan Team