A mother in Zimbabwe helping her children with their school work
Life is difficult and confusing all around the world, even for us here in the United States, but we can go to the grocery stores and feed our families, and our children are being taught online by their teachers. We can know that our health is in the hands of competent health care workers that have our best interests at heart.
Life is not necessarily that way in Zimbabwe. In a situation where the health care system is already broken and the economy is in ruins, facing a pandemic can only add to the disaster that our children find themselves in these days.
I would like to share with you some of the concerns that our team, the children and their caregivers are facing today in Zimbabwe.
Police and army patrolling the streets
Health care workers checking people at the border
A week ago, it was declared that all people of Zimbabwe must remain in their houses for a 21 day period. They are only allowed on special occasions to go to the grocery stores for food. Otherwise they are to be in their homes, by order of the government.
It would be disturbing if we were to see the army and police in our streets, but this is not an uncommon sight in Zimbabwe. It is disconcerting, but not unheard of. But when there is almost nothing available in the fight during a pandemic, no medical supplies, no testing, no medical gear, then the only possible tactic that can be used is to keep people separated. And that is what the government has chosen to do, hence the police and army. 
Even our team is not permitted to drive to the office, work there, or to visit the children and the caregivers. Cornelious will request a permit from the government so he can drive to the children’s houses to check up on them and their families. Please pray for the request that he will put in next week.
1. The children are out of school, at home without any online teaching. Please pray that this will be temporary.
2. Pray for safety and health for our team, for the children and their caregivers.
3. Pray for the health care workers, serving the people without the necessary equipment. (Notice that the woman checking the person on the border has only a simple mask, not one that will protect her from the virus.)
4. Pray for the food supply. There was already a food shortage, but now this is exasperated. 
5. Pray that Cornelious will safely be able to check on the children. 
6. Pray for the children of Zimbabwe.


We are also praying for each of you as you face this difficult situation.
Janelle Avery