As you give this Christmas, please consider blessing the children of Hope4theOrphan

This year of 2021 has again seen the hand of the Lord on the children and caregivers of Hope4theOrphan as they have lived through another hard year in Zimbabwe. Even with school closures, Covid lockdowns, and economic failure, God is ever faithful, and we of Hope4theOrphan have faithfully stood beside these children. And we will continue to do that, with God as our strength.

Please consider giving to Hope4thOrphan – Themba

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As encouragement to all who have given and will give, I want to share with you the story of one of our new children.

Meet Wiseman . . .

Wiseman is friendly and intelligent. He is new to Themba, and when we first met him, he quickly became the spokesperson for the whole family.

Wiseman lost his father and his mother is just recovering from a serious illness of two years. He and his mother and two siblings have moved in with his aunt and her family in their house of two rooms. His mother is not able to work and his aunt is a street vendor. Hers is the only income for both families.

Wiseman’s mother was heartbroken when she was not able to come up with the money to send all her children to school. Only Wiseman was able to continue, and she feared for him.

Then she was introduced to Themba. Now Wiseman will remain in school, and his siblings have joined him.

Pray that Wiseman will work hard in school and that his mother will completely recover. Also pray for his aunt as she carries such a heavy burden.

I smile when I read about each of our children. God has been gracious to them and their families, and to us as we are privileged to bless them. May you be blessed as well, and be encouraged to give toward this wonderful work for the children of Zimbabwe.