Thank you so much!
Text from Cornelious Moyo ….
“Thank you so much. We completed the distribution of food today and was touched by one caregiver who cried when she received food. A number expressed their gratitude to me as if I was the one providing for them. My heart broke. We thank GOD for all who gave towards this wonderful work!” 
Unfortunately, Cornelious was only able to find white corn meal and cooking oil in the stores in Bulawayo. So he traveled into the rural areas, searching for supplements for the children and their families.
He found cabbages, tomatoes, onions and peas to feed the children, bringing them back in the ministry vehicle.
Dressed in their protective clothing, the volunteers joined Soneni, Similo and Cornelious to unload the food at the office in Bulawayo.Permission was granted by the government for the food to be sorted and prepared for distribution to the families.
At distribution points, the caregivers gathered to receive food for their children. How strange it seems to see our volunteers working in masks, but also how very gratifying it is to watch these women and children receiving this much needed food!
We want to thank each one of you who heard God’s call and the cry of the children of Themba. . You generously gave!
We received enough funds from your donations to repeat again this distribution for the families.