“No man shall be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you.” Joshua 1:5

“The above scripture kept coming into my heart as I was reflecting on how good God has been to us this year. His promises are indeed, ‘Yes and Amen!’ Nothing will stand against the ministry of Themba, not because of the wisdom of men but because the God of Moses is with us”.
Cornelious Moyo, September 2018

Even as Cornelious writes above, the contrast between the goodness of God that we see in Themba and the desperate situation in the country brings into stark relief how the Love of God is resting upon us.

“Panic as Prices Soar”

“Panic as Prices Soar”, read a September headline in one of the nation’s newspapers. Zimbabwe is in the midst of economic meltdown with stores closing or merchants refusing to write prices on goods since hyper-inflation takes place on a daily basis. Food shortages are beginning and cash is unavailable. The recent elections were rejected as illegitimate and the hope that had begun at the ouster of the dictator Mugabe then turned to chaos and despair.

And yet, our children continue to go to school, write their exams, meet in their Bible Clubs and churches, and actively love the Lord their God. Life is difficult, but there remains laughter and joy in our meetings and in the hearts of the caregivers and children. Those on the ground grow tired and weary, but they continue to minister and rejoice in the growth and development they see in the boys and girls, in the love they see in the caregivers and in the encouragement they receive from each person who prays and gives to support this ministry. We are thankful for the goodness of God we see and his constant grace over us.

Our Children Are Doing Well in Their Schools

The children are in their final weeks of this school year and we wish the Grade 7’s, Form 4’s and Upper 6 students all the best as they begin their important examinations. In the past, many have received very pleasing results, with some passing with distinctions. We pray that God will bring to remembrance everything they have learned. (Below is Togara Peiwa in his Form 6 prefect’s uniform.)

One of our students raced into the office to present his outstanding results. Tawanda Dube, finishing his painting course at the City Council Training College, is graduating in November, and because of his exceptional performance, he was was selected to sit for the National Practical Exams, taken only by those whose results are far above average. We congratulate Tawanda. (Seen Below.)
Form 6 Togara Mpeiwa
Tawanda Dube

The Children’s Bible Clubs Continue to Bless our Children

The Themba Team continues to meet with the children on Fridays and enjoys the privilege of being used by God to minister in the lives of the children. They are thankful for the materials brought over by Janelle in her recent visit. “We find them so useful in our meetings as they make our lessons teachable and enjoyable.”

Similo adds, “We have testimonies of children who received Christ in these meetings and are now active members of their churches.”

One of our sponsors donated funds to buy a soccer ball for the children at the Friday Clubs. “The children love it so much and always smile as they play with it.” Thank you to this sponsor! “We have seen children who are withdrawn starting to socialize as we play games during our meetings.” Truly God is at work!

This year has been full of blessings in the midst of troubles. I have shared just a few of these with you here, and will share more next month. But now I want to thank each of you who have encouraged us with your support and prayers. God is always before us and behind us, strengthening and giving us joy in his work.

May your Thanksgiving celebration be full of his grace.

Janelle Avery
Director of Hope 4 the Orphan – Themba