Circumstances seem to change so fast in Zimbabwe, and this time we have good news for everyone. I want to share both reports from Cornelious and Similo this month since they share from their hearts, and I am always encouraged when I read reports like this.
Please do take the time to read them. They will bless your hearts.
It is amazing how God works in every situation for His glory and the good of His children.
Again, I appreciate each one of you, for your love for the Father and for your care for these children so special to Him!
May the God of all grace shine His face upon you and your families!
Janelle Avery

August report 2021 Cornelious Moyo
Once again my heart is filled with great joy as I share with you the love of GOD as shown to the Themba family. As I write this short update, I have come to appreciate life in a better way. The number of people I saw die because of the COVID 19 pandemic, and the pain I went through when I tested positive to the virus, has helped me realize that it is truly not by might, nor by power, but by His grace alone that we are alive. I now know that our survival has nothing to do with the masks we wear, the sanitization and social distancing we do, neither is it determined by the vaccines we take, but we live purely by the hand
of GOD that rests upon our lives to protect us from every calamity that the enemy raises against us.
This Tuesday, I witnessed the burial of a man who was the fourth person to be buried in a single family due to Covid 19. Hard as it is to imagine such a thing, no one is able to explain how that can happen in a single family within a space of a month.
As I write this, the Government has further extended the national lockdown by another two weeks, despite the sharp decrease in the number of COVID cases in the country. The reason given was that people should go for vaccination. On the other hand, churches have been allowed to open only for vaccinated congregants. Those who are not vaccinated are not allowed to attend church service.
The whole Themba family is in awe of the great works of Jehovah who has kept us safe and provided for us in times of need. We have had no loss of life as a family and we give thanks to Almighty GOD.
Schools are opening on the 6th of September and we are getting all our children ready to go back to school after a long time. Zimbabwe usually has three school terms, but this year children will only have two. We are so grateful for this opening and we look forward for children to go back to

By the grace of GOD, all our children are ready to go back to school and we have not heard of any unwanted pregnancies from our young girls.Our families are all well and so grateful that they received food packs during this difficult time of lockdown. The families have many testimonies of the goodness of the lord.
One of our caregivers is struggling with cancer and the doctor is demanding US$100 for her to go for an operation. Since she has been unable to get this amount, we will be helping her so that she gets all the help needed. Pray with us that all goes well during the operation.
One of our volunteers, Sisasenkosi Mlilo, will be ending her services with us on Tuesday as she prepares to go back to university. It has been a blessing to have the young lady at Themba for the past eight months. We wish her all the best as she goes back to complete her studies.
On behalf of the Themba family, the care givers and children and the office team, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who have continued to give generously to the less privileged in Zimbabwe. May the Lord richly bless you all and extend your territories.
In His service, Cornelious Moyo

Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus. It is such a joy once again to report to you on what the Lord has done for us here in Zimbabwe. We continue to see the grace of God here at Themba as the Lord has kept us safe from the pandemic. We have had sad times where we lost our relatives and friends to the pandemic and while some got very sick, but we are so grateful for the mercy and faithfulness of God. We believe He has spared us to be fruitful in His Kingdom.
While we were starting to rollout so many activities here at Themba, the government introduced yet another lockdown because of the surging cases of the Covid pandemic. This saw the schools being closed and all forms of gatherings being banned, including the church gatherings and our activities like the Friday Bible Clubs and caregiver’s prayer meetings, and also our school visits were affected. This lockdown has been extended by two week over and over until now. However, we have been able to do some activities as the government has eased the lockdown regulations to allow us to be free to do our work, as long as we have been vaccinated.
School visits
This month we did not visit schools as we were waiting for the announcement of the opening dates from the government. We have been liaising with the schools through phone calls. We are so excited that the government has finally announced the school opening dates, which are in stages starting with the exam classes next week. We have already planned to do physical visits to schools and are doing other logistics, like sourcing uniforms for the children.
We are also readying ourselves to start the Bible Clubs as soon as schools open. May you pray with us as we work under this new normal, that we will be a blessing to the Themba family and to the community at large.
Home visits and prayer meetings

We thank the Lord as we managed to visit some families for prayer and encouragement. We targeted the families of our new children in the program.
We visited Mandlenkosi Mpabanga, the father of Thabo, and had time for prayer as we encouraged him to continue trusting God in these hard times. He has health challenges as he suffered a minor stroke some time ago and needs our prayers. He lost his wife last year and says that it is so hard to take care of his children in his condition.

We also visited Mita Njini, the mother of Thubalami Nkomazana, another one of our new children.
They are members of a cult church, so we took our time and presented the Gospel of our Lord Jesus, and we were so blessed as they received Christ in their lives. I encouraged them to go to a Bible believing church for growth.
Thubalami is a very intelligent boy and is a hard worker at home, as he showed us his beautiful garden with fresh vegetables. We also had time to encourage him to study hard in order to pass in his school work.
Among our visits was also to Pretty Phiri, mother to Andile and Nkosi, to make a follow-up as we stated in our previous report that she was scheduled to undergo surgery for cancer last month. She failed to do the surgery because the hospital wanted her to pay a lot of money she did not have. She is still not well and needs to do the surgery as soon as possible. May you pray for her that the Lord will provide for her and for healing. — We have secured the surgery for Pretty by supplying her needed funds. See Cornelious’ report.
Thank you
We thank God for blessing us with these opportunities to be an encouragement in the lives of our Themba families and to be used by God to advance His kingdom. May you pray with us as we have planned to start the caregiver’s prayer meetings, that they will be a success.
Let me take this opportunity to thank all our Themba sponsors and Friends, for your love and support. May the Lord bless you for putting a smile on the faces of all our Themba children and their families. Thank you also for the food support; it goes a long way in making their lives better. We love you all and are praying for you.

We are grateful to all the sponsors and partners of Themba for your continued support, even in this hard time we live under. We thank you!
May our gracious Lord richly bless you,
The Hope4theOrphan Team