Greetings to you all in the name our Savior Jesus Christ. It is such a privilege again to be able to report to you at this time. We are in the middle of the winter season and are so glad that, unlike in the past year, the pandemic is no longer a serious threat as the covid cases remain low. We thank God for that. We are also praying for you too, that the Lord will protect you from any harm.

Now, enjoy the highlights of Similo’s report below. To read the full report click HERE

School Visits

We thank the Lord that the children are learning without any interruption. We were so encouraged by the reception at two of our primary schools. We were even allowed to take pictures with the school authorities and the children, which is not easy to do in other schools. We are hearing of rumors of another teachers’ strike – please pray!

Lobengula Primary School Losikeyi Primary School

Friday Bible Club

The number of children attending the Bible Club has increased. We now teach them by age group which has improved our lesson plan presentation. We continue targeting individual children with the gospel of salvation and have been blessed with new souls. May you pray for these children, that they will know Christ, and the power of His resurrection.

Saturday Bible Club

We had another Bible Club last weekend (for those children who live further away). The advantage of having this meeting during the weekend is that we have enough time for Bible lessons, games and counseling to individual children. The children love to be a part of this event.
May you pray for this group of children too, that God will bless them and that they will grow deeper in the knowledge of God.

Home Visits and Prayer Time

We thank God for making it possible for us to visit the caregivers in their homes for prayer and encouragement. We are so thankful that we were able to visit most of the new caregivers where we shared the Gospel of hope with them. We encouraged them to continue trusting God for their daily needs. We had a wonderful time of prayer with each family and were so blessed to have allowed God to use us at such a time as this. May you pray for all the Themba families, that God will protect them and reveal Himself in a special way in their lives.

Thank you so much to all our Themba sponsors and friends, for your love and support. The children and the caregivers appreciate so much what you do for them. We love you too and are praying for you always. May the Lord bless you all.

Similo Theb