Hope4TheOrphan – Themba

Please Consider Sponsoring A Child
As we work with the children of Themba, one of the greatest gifts we can give them is the gift of a sponsor. Our sponsors choose to stand beside their child, love them, write to them, pray for them, encourage them and provide financial support so they can go to school.
We cannot over emphasize the importance the sponsors play in the lives of our children. They cherish that warm love coming from someone outside their community, that person who truly cares for them and prays for them.
We want to take this opportunity to invite you to join us into this very special role for one of the children.
We would like to introduce you to three children who presently do not have sponsors supporting and praying for them.
11 year old Siphiwe lives with her mother and sister in one room of a small house in the oldest suburb in Bulawayo.
She lost her father and now her mother sells goods as a vendor, making only enough to cover their housing. Her mother feared the children would be expelled from school for non-payment of school fees, so being a part of Themba has brought the family much relief, knowing the children will be able to attend school.
Siphiwe is a happy child, a little shy, but enjoys playing with her friends. She loves school and enjoys attending church with her family.
Siphiwe is new to the Themba family and we are happy to welcome her.
Lwandile, a sweet 7 year old, lost his father to a car accident. Now his mother sells vegetables on the street to help the family.
After losing her husband, Lwandile’s mother failed to pay the school fees for all 4 children. That was when she came to Themba. Now she says that Themba is God’s way of proving that He cares for the widows and orphans.
Lwandile is a sweet child and loves the attention he receives as the youngest in the family. He loves school, and did well his first year. Lwandile and his family actively attend their church together.
The Moyo family is new to Themba and we will enjoy getting to know them and support them.
Siyabonga is 8 years old and lives in one room with her sister and mother. Her mother, a street vendor, makes only enough to pay rent and utilities.
Siyabonga’s mother feared her children would be expelled from school since she didn’t have the money for the fees. Now, she is so grateful to be a part of the Themba family, knowing her children are safe.
Siyabonga has multiple health problems, but she is clever and energetic and loves school. She works hard and has a good attitude.
The Donga family also is new to Themba. We look forward to helping this family on their spiritual and educational journey.
If you would like to sponsor a child, please contact me at janelle@hope4theorphan.org. We would be so pleased to welcome you into our Hope4theOrphan – Themba family as a sponsor for one of these special children. Thank you! Janelle Avery