A report from Similo Thebe, our children’s pastor . . . .

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“It is a joy to be able to report to you what the Lord has done for us here at Themba. The year 2020 has not been an easy year… but we thank the Lord for His hand of protection as we have not witnessed any cases of Covid in Themba. We praise God for His goodness. We thank Him for allowing us to continue to… encourage the children and their families to put their hope in God.”

Caregivers’ Prayer Meetings

Caregivers with Similo

“Prayer has always been one of the sources of encouragement here at Themba. Early this year we had two prayer meetings for the caregivers in one of the areas. We wished to do this in all areas, but we were stopped by the Corona pandemic.”

“However, in the times we had, it was so uplifting to meet and share the Word of God, encouraging the caregivers that there is power in the Word when its divine authority is accepted in a believing heart.”

Bible Clubs

Friday meeting

“This year we continued to meet in our Bible Clubs until the end of March, but these ended because of the lockdown.”

“We thank the Lord we had those early times as we were able to encourage the children to put their hope in God. We had time to give them high nutritional food, and to encourage them to work hard in their schoolwork.”

Meeting with the children outside of town

Weekend meeting

Childrens’ meeting

“It was also a joy to meet with the children who stay outside town in one weekend in March. We had a great time with these children as we taught them the ways of the Lord.”

“We appreciate so much our Themba sponsors for making programs like this a reality as we were able to transport the children and provide them with refreshments.”

Visiting and praying in the homes of the families

Home visit

“We thank God that we were given permission, even in the lock down, to visit the families in their homes, though the situation was not easy….We have been able to do counseling where necessary and the caregivers appreciate these visits so much.”
Caregivers’ Praying

“During these one on one family visits, the Lord granted us wisdom to be of help whenever it was necessary. It is so amazing to see how God used us to be an encouragement at the right time when the families needed us the most.”

“All the Themba families are grateful for the food they have received during this lock down when they have no income to sustain them in these hard times.

Let me take this time to thank all our Themba Sponsors and Friends for your prayers and support. May the good Lord bless you richly. THANK YOU.

We are praying for you also as we have heard how much your country has been affected by the Corona Virus pandemic.”