Over most of the year, 2022, Soneni walked through pain and suffering, weeks in the hospital, bed rest and then months of a long recovery. Finally we are so happy to announce that Soneni started this year, back in the office and working alongside her much loved team at Themba Le’Ntandane.

Many of you were concerned for Soneni, showed your love for her by praying and by giving toward the surgery she was so in need of. And now, you have asked for news, wanting to hear how everything is now progressing for her. So I wrote to Soneni, asking if she would send us an update, with the news of how she is feeling and of her return to work in the office.

Please read below of her journey, the description of her love for her job with Themba, and her faith and trust in the God who heals and stood beside her through her difficult times.

Thank you for all your care and prayers for Soneni. Janelle

To all of you who have loved me and prayed for me, I would like to share my testimony with each of you.

1 Corinthians 1:9, paraphrased, says God is faithful who has called us into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. I testify that indeed God is faithful and true to His word.

When I started feeling pain on my right leg in 18 November 2021, I never thought it would lead to a surgery that almost had me bed ridden for the better part of the year 2022. When I got discharged in February of 2022 after a month and some days stay in hospital, I was very excited. My doctor had told me that recovery was going to take me about 4 months. First month (March) after discharge, all seemed to be well, but I started experiencing severe pains on my back at the beginning of April. I had to be re-admitted for two weeks during April.  A CT scan and x-ray confirmed that all was well, and the doctor concluded that it was my muscles healing. I was happy and went back home very positive that it was my final road to recovery.

I remember confidently saying that I was going to be back at work by the month of June. Unfortunately, two weeks into the month of June the severe pains started. We all thought it was because of the cold weather. When I went for my review, my doctor was not convinced that it was the weather effects because by then, I was in and out of the hospital. In the first week of July the pain became so severe that just touching my fingertips made me cry. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t carry a teaspoon. I went back to the hospital. My doctor’s main fear was that maybe the fused bones on my spine had shifted, which would have meant that I was going back to surgery. I had an MRI scan. The good news was that the bones were intact but for some unknown reason, I had developed a severe infection on the spine.

I was put on a serious bed rest and was pumped with very heavy antibiotics and pain meds. They were trying to make sure that the infection was treated before it became septic or got into my brain.

For a full month I lay on the hospital bed, not able to move or do anything. The doctors kept contemplating taking me back for surgery to drain the infection. I had my Bible next to me but I didn’t have the strength to read it. At that time, I realized the importance of reading and feeding on the Word of God while everything else is ok. I had to draw the Word from “within storage” in me and that kept me going. Sometimes I would just recite Eph. 3:20 and Rev 12:11. Then I would say, “God, this is your Word and I am standing on it.” I didn’t have the strength to pray long prayers or sometimes just the strength to pray. I leaned on the assurance of the fact that many people who love me were praying for me. When I was told that my kidneys had collapsed, I was almost shattered.  Yes, I got scared.  I cried but afterwards I reminded myself that God was in control. In the end I was out of the hospital a week before the end of the month of August. I am getting stronger and stronger each day. Now I look back, I never stop marveling at the miracle of the healing power of God in me. That is the reason why I’m declaring that God is faithful. He hears us when we call on His name in prayer. There is no situation too hard, too difficult or too complicated for Him. I am trusting God for a new spine, and I believe He will do it.

There is no way I will ever thank every one of you enough for the love, support and prayers for me and my family. Like I have already mentioned, it is your prayers that carried me and my family through. I’m so grateful to God for making me part of this loving family of Themba.

I missed being at the office. Constantly I would dream I was back at work and each of those times I would wake up and cry upon discovering that I was still stuck in the hospital, and then I would send a chat to Similo. This experience taught me a lot about depending on God and His faithfulness.

I know and I can testify with great confidence that God answers prayers and that, “…The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” James 5:16

Thank you once again for your love. My family also sends their appreciation for all the love and support during our struggle with my health.

May God richly bless you all.