After 4 years, it was a great joy for me to return to Zimbabwe with my 2 children, Krista and Allen Wade, along with one of my granddaughters, Elizabeth. We had the privilege of having Colin and Dawn Davis, friends from our early days in Bulawayo, accompany us for the whole trip.

The first week we spent with our Themba Team in Bulawayo, seeing the children in their homes and visiting the schools. Then we took a special trip to Victoria Falls, enjoying all the magnificence of Zimbabwe in it’s natural beauty.

Allen Wade, Krista, and Elizabeth, my wonderful children, boarding the plane from Johannesburg to Bulawayo.

Colin and Dawn Davies, our friends from London, accompanied us throughout the whole trip.

We spent a number of days visiting 8 different schools, meeting with the children and school officials, praying and encouraging them. We asked God for wisdom and blessings to rest upon them and all the children and teachers.

We took the time to greet our own children in each of the schools, to encourage them that we were there to know how they were doing.

In each of the schools, we saw deputy head masters and teachers specifically assigned to help us. It was such a blessings to pray at the schools.

It was such a joy to visit the children and caregivers in their homes. We prayed with them and shared our USA love! Wonderful to be blessed by their hospitality and warm reception in every home.

Visiting and seeing the young people doing well in their lives gave us great joy!

This teacher was a friend of the late mother of this child. She now has become her caregiver and loves and nurtures her with great care.

And of course, we got to visit both the Friday and Saturday Bible Clubs. Lots of fun with singing, poems, scriptures, smiles and laughs! And we were greeted with messages of welcome on ballons for each one of us! So well done and thought out. Well done, Similo!


And with lots of help from Elsie and Prosper, our two very capable volunteers.

Our week ended with a 4 hour worship service with beloved brothers and sisters, singing and dancing as we praised God for his many blessings in our lives.

I am very grateful for this opportunity to visit our Team in Bulawayo, and for their great care in making our visit so enjoyable and productive. We praise God for each one of them. Thank you, Cornelious, Soneni, Similo, Elsie and Prosper!

With great appreciation, Janelle