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by Similo Thebe

It is so wonderful to be able to report to you on our annual Bible Quiz. The children were given materials to study in the beginning of the year to prepare for the event. The weekly Friday Bible club meetings were also used to teach the children to hide the Word in their hearts.

Our theme for this year comes from Psalm 132:4-5, “I will not give sleep to my eyes or slumber to my eyelids, until I find a place for the Lord, a dwelling place for the Mighty one of Jacob”. It is our prayer to see the children and their families finding a place for the Lord in their hearts. It is also our desire that the Lord will dwell among us as we work with the Themba families and be a blessing to them.

All our lessons for our Friday Bible Club have centered on this theme and we trust the Lord to water the seed and believe that the Lord will bless us throughout this challenging year for us as Zimbabweans.


During the competition, the children did a Word Search to find the theme for this year. They were given a written exercise on a passage of scripture and given general questions on the heroes of the Bible to discover. The highlight and fun part of the competition was a game of popping balloons. The balloons had the books of the bible in them which the children had to quickly arrange in their order.

They then did memory verses. It was interesting and encouraging to see the children working as teams and with great determination to come out as victors in all rounds of the competition. We had six teams competing, each team had eight participants. Jeremiah Mimo’s team came in first and we could see that they meant business.

We had a short break from the competition where we had time for games and the younger children enjoyed every bit of this time. They played a sack race and retrieved apples in a water game. It was a blessing to see all the children smiling. We were able to serve children with refreshments and they loved this part of the program so much. The children also received prizes of school supplies which they really appreciated to use at school.


The Themba team did a wonderful job putting the Bible Quiz Competition together. The volunteers were very helpful in organizing the games. Silence Luphahla and Njabulo Mguni, our University students, sacrificed their time to come and help us and we felt so encouraged and blessed to have them.


Mr Cornelius Moyo took his time to encourage the children to treasure God’s word in their hearts. The whole event was an encouragement to us as we saw the children smiling in God’s presence.

We would like to thank all our Themba sponsors and friends for making this year’s Bible Quiz Competition a success. Thanks so much for your love and prayers!

Blessings from The Themba Team


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