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I recently sent out an email asking for your prayers for Zimbabwe, and now here is an update and renewal for prayers.

The financial crisis has now moved into a state of chaos in the streets, escalating to violence and demonstrations. This is the world our Themba children are living in. Please pray.

Here is Cornelious’ latest email to me sent on July 4th.

“Just a quick update of the situation here. Harare, the capital city, was on fire today as people took to the streets to demonstrate against the Government. There was heavy police deployment but that did not stop the people who closed all roads. The situation was very bad. Right now I have just received a message that in Chinoyi (another town in Mashonaland), police have fled their camp as it has been set on fire by angry protesters.

“In Bulawayo all transporters were told to move out of the roads by 3pm. There was a lot of panic, schools closed early and the shops were packed full as people went for shopping and the prices went up sharply. It was as if it was Christmas time, most people closed early rushing to pick up their children from school and also just to be at home before dark. We are not sure of what will happen tomorrow but certainly people are preparing for Wednesday when all people are urged to go on a full scale demonstration.

God is still in control though.”

The good news is – did you notice Cornelious’ final words? “God is still in control though.”

Please pray for all Zimbabweans. Pray that God will bring about a resolution to these problems.

Please pray for the Themba Team, for their families and for wisdom as they deal with these ever changing situations.

Pray for the children and their families as they live their lives in such turbulent times.

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