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Christmas Party Donation and Report from Volunteer Sidalekile

It is time again for us to support our children for their Christmas Party! Your $25 will help Themba give the children and their families a memorable party to celebrate the birth of our Lord. They will spend a day together as one big family with songs, scriptures, poems and the children will reenact the story of Jesus’ birth. They will share a special meal and take home a food packet for their Christmas dinner. The children will receive sweets as special treats.

Lastly, but just as important, the funds collected will provide a well earned bonus for the Themba team, including the Volunteers. Please enjoy reading the report below by Sidalekile as she shares her experiences with the children.

Please send $25 per child or any amount you choose by Nov. 10

Give by check:
Hope4theOrphan (Christmas Party in the memo)
1140 Raymond Drive,
Naperville, IL 60563

Give Via PayPal

Let’s give the children and their families another great celebration!

Blessings and Thanks,

Lynn Nuzzo
Hope4theOrphan Sponsorship Coordinator

September Volunteer Report

Sidalekile Ndlovu

“Themba Le’Ntandane is doing a great job and I will do my best to impart what I have to help the children.”

Sidalekile Ndlovu
The children and caregivers at Themba Le’Ntandane are a pleasure to work with. It is during home visits to caregivers that l interact with them and get to learn more about their daily experiences.

My favorite part of the program is the Friday meeting, where we get to learn together through sharing the Word of God, thus enhancing the children’s spiritual growth. It has been a pleasure to note that the children attend in their numbers and they love being part of this program.

Bible Clubs and Home Visits
We also learn about life skills and other topics that the children are interested in and this shows that all the objectives of the program will be met. The program is meant to develop the children’s emotional, spiritual and physical needs. We have discussed about confidence and self-esteem.

image5 of the older boys have openly discussed the challenges that have affected their personal lives, and as team, we managed to have a one-on- one talk to assist them in becoming confident young man. We have learned about the beatitudes in the book of Matthew 5:3-12, where we talked a lot about meekness and humility. The children have learned that it is through these virtues that the love of God works in human kind. Even their behavior is now reflecting this.

I have managed to visit families with the Themba team. These visits to the caregivers have helped me to have a personal relationship with the caregivers and the children. It’s through these visits that I have come to know their daily lives and the challenges that they meet and l get to pray with them. The caregivers and children are an important part of the Themba Le’Ntandane family. We have managed to take care of their needs in terms of food aid, uniforms and also to spend time with the families.

Staff Retreat


I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the staff retreat in Matopo. I learned that success lies in hard work and a positive mindset, despite the hard circumstances that may prevail. Team building games were one exciting part. The practical experience taught me that everyone in a team has weakness and strengths that can be used to the greater advantage of complementing each other. The need for effective communication was also highlighted so as to make a team function effectively.

It was through this experience that l got to learn that every individual has unique ideas, abilities and a vision. This just needs to be knit together to produce the same vision in working together. If accurately put into practice, the organization will continue to go far in its calling and mission to serve the children and caregivers. Working as a team is the key to the success of this organization.

Themba Le’Ntandane is doing a great job and I will do my best to impart what I have to help the children. I am looking forward to having a group of promising, confident and successful young people through these activities.

Sidalekile Ndlovu

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