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Our Staff in Bulawayo

In 2014, God has used this wonderful team to minister to our Themba children through home and school visits, camps, special events and Friday meetings for both children and caregivers.  This is a beautifully united team, working together to bring Hope to each Themba child.

“I have rarely seen a team work together with more oneness of heart,
centering on the vision before them.”

– Janelle Avery

“I count it all joy to have Soneni and Similo in this ministry. I have never regretted having them close to me.  Indeed, these two are a joy to work with.”

– Cornelious Moyo

Our Volunteers

Our Themba volunteers participate in home and school visits, lead and facilitate the Bible Clubs on Fridays, bring much help and excitement to special events, as well as serving our Bulawayo team by running errands and working around the office. They multiply the effect of Cornelious, Soneni and Similo, besides bringing their own grace to the ministry. Shamiso and Thabani have participated in the lives of the children, bringing excitement and joy into their lives. They are both university students doing their “in service” courses with Hope 4 the Orphan – Themba.

“I cannot overemphasize the importance of having volunteers in our ministry. Over the years we have valued their immense contribution to the lives of the children we work with.”

– Cornelious Moyo

BibleClubs copy

During the Friday Bible Clubs, our children thoroughly enjoy themselves and have grown in their relationship with one another and with Themba. This year, we have added a much needed nutritional food supplement to the meetings to nourish their bodies at the same time as we nourish their spirits. They have always loved singing, memorizing Scripture and participating in the Bible lessons, and we are so pleased to find they also love this new e’Pap. It brings us great joy to see them flourish both spiritually and physically

“The children’s groups are doing very well. The attendance is good thanks to the fact that the children eat porridge (e’Pap) during all the meetings. We would like to thank the sponsors of Themba for providing the children with this nutritious food.”

-Cornelious Moyo


The regular small group meetings and yearly camps for the caregivers are an important part in our ministry to these special individuals, who carry the weight and support for our Themba children. Their responsibilities are heavy and they are able to share their experiences and burdens as they meet and encourage one another.

“Several of the groups continue to excel in the things of the Lord. They meet once a week and the Lord has been gracious to them.”

– Similo Theba

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