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It is a pleasure to report to you on the goodness of the Lord to us and the families of Themba in this challenging year. The Lord is so faithful to us. Our hope has been the Lord and we have seen His hand over our lives and those of the Themba family. Our theme for 2016 came from Psalm 132 v 4-5 and it says,” I will not give sleep to my eyes until I find a place for the Lord in my heart”.

In all our activities we have reinforced our theme and trusted on the Holy Spirit to work on our own lives, as well as those of the Themba families. It is my prayer to see our families going deeper in grace and in the knowledge of Christ in their individual lives.


This year we were blessed to work with a team of volunteers who made the work much easier. It has been a blessing to work with Simiso Ndlovu. She is full of life and new ideas, a good teacher to the children and good with music. Her presence has made us see our children improving so much in their singing. Our upcoming Christmas party will be full of beautiful music from the songs she has taught the children. Sidalekile Ndlovu has also been a blessing to us. She has a big heart and the children regard her as their big sister, making it easier for them to share their burdens. We appreciate so much your prayers and your support for making it possible for us to have these volunteers coming to help us.

The caregivers continue to meet for prayers. The Pumula and the Burombo groups are doing exceptionally well. The two groups meet every week. The Makokoba and Mzilikazi families still fail to meet as they are so many and can not use their homes because of space. We plan to meet with them in one place but will need to pay for the venue. Pray that the Lord will make a way for these families to meet at least once a month.

We thank the Lord for the family visits as we have been able to visit these families in their homes for encouragement. We have felt the presence of the Lord as we share the word of God with them during our visits.

Tracy Moyo, the caregiver to Makanaka Marijena, lives in the Mzilikazi area and can’t attend prayer meetings because she is in a wheel chair. She had a stroke in 2011. We have taken time to visit her for spiritual support and she has been very encouraged. Most of the time she is in pain but we lift her up in prayer. I shared with her from the word of God in Isaiah 65:24. “It shall come to pass that before they call,
I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear”. I assured her that God is a God who answers prayer, He knows our burdens even before we cry to him and that He loves us so much. She was very encouraged and we visit her often for spiritual support.

Please pray for all the caregivers, that these meetings will help them to grow in the knowledge of Christ and experience His goodness. Also pray that the Lord God will give us the language of the learned, that we should know how to speak a word in season, to those who are weary. (Isaiah 50:4).

We thank the Lord for allowing us to visit the families in their homes. This time allows the families to share with us their burdens. We have taken this time to encourage them in the Lord and we have an opportunity to pray with them.

We visited Happiness Mbewe, who is caregiver to Marvis Mbewe and Junior Sibanda. She was so happy to see us and testified that she has learnt to trust the Lord for all her needs and has seen His faithfulness. She stays in one room with her family of 14 people in the Burombo flats. During our visit she appreciated the support she gets from Themba and told us that she had taught all her grandchildren to be thankful to the Lord at all times.

We were so excited to note that the caregivers appreciate what they learn during prayer meetings. Pray for the families, that the Lord will protect them and that the Holy Spirit may comfort them in challenging times.

We appreciate all of the Themba supporters and friends for making it possible for us to visit the families in their homes.
Happiness Mbewe with her grandchildren.


This year the Bible Clubs were very successful and full of life with so many new Themba children joining the meetings. The attendance is so good regardless of the fact that some of our children are hot sitting outside (one group attending in the morning and another the afternoon). The volunteers have been so helpful in this program and we thank the Lord for them.

The children appreciate so much the Ipap porridge they eat during the meetings as some of them come straight from school and will be very hungry. We also held the annual Bible Quiz competition for the children. As usual, the children were given some materials to read before the quiz and questions were derived from that material. What amazed us was the determination of our children in this event. It is also evident that they have learned to hide the Word of God in their hearts.

Pray that the Lord will meet with the children in their personal lives through all the programs that we do here at Themba.

We would like to thank the Themba sponsors and friends for their love and support, and for putting a smile on the children’s faces. As the Themba team, we say thank you so much for making a difference in our communities here in Zimbabwe.

God bless you and have a happy New Year!


Similo Thebe

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