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Celebrating Christmas

imageOnce again, this is such a wonderful time to report to you. It is a time of thanksgiving and we, the Themba Team, have been looking forward this whole year to celebrate Christmas by hosting a party for all our children and their families.

Similo Thebe

Christmas Party

imageWe had the party on the 9th of December, and it was indeed a refreshing time for the Themba families. Our program started at 9 am and ended late in the day. The children blessed us with different presentations in the form of drama, poetry, memory verses, dance, special songs and Christmas carols.



Our Caregivers

imageThe caregivers were also a part of the program. They sang songs, spoke words of wisdom to the children and did a lot of dancing. It was obvious they enjoyed every minute of this wonderful day.

Birth of Jesus

imageThe most enjoyable part was when the families watched a movie called, The Birth of Jesus. It was like we were in a movie theater and I could see the children smiling, happy to be away from home and enjoying themselves.

Another interesting part of the program was lunch. The food was well cooked and so enjoyable. The families appreciated the food so much and wished we could have such occasions more often. We also distributed packs of uncooked rice to the families to take home for Christmas. They smiled and said “thank you.”




Similo and Soneni


Cornelious with his sons

As the Themba Team, we would like to thank all the Themba sponsors and friends for the funds sent specifically for this activity. It was truly wonderful.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

The Themba Team

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