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Christmas party report by Soneni Thabulawa, Themba Sponsorship Coordinator

We thank God for the Brethren In Christ Church, the venue that we have used for most of our activities. It is very convenient for most of the families that we work with. The attendance by both the children and the caregivers was good. God blessed us with perfect weather, it only started raining during lunch.


As usual the program of the day was packed with exciting activities. There was the nativity play, carols, songs, dramas and memory verses. The songs were performed by either the children or the caregivers. The dramas were by the children, mainly the seniors. The young children presented the nativity play, which they did with great passion. Some children had actually volunteered to take up the roles they did last year. The most outstanding character was Future Takaisvogara who was the “Star” which shined brightly for all to see. Future beamed cutely throughout the play as she carried the bright star. We pray that as she grows up, her life will carry that brightness and she will be able to direct people to Jesus, the King of Kings.


It was good to have three of our University students helping, Jethro Nkomo, Ashley Ngwenya and Sikhangezile Sibanda, as they were already on break. They made the day even more exciting. Ashley was the one directing the program and she did a splendid job as she kept everyone very entertained. Sikhangezile was the one who was organizing the groups that were presenting. Jethro crowned it all by providing a PA System and some speakers. We were then able to play a variety of Christian music, which both the children and their caregivers enjoyed. There was a lot of dancing, laughing and clapping as both the children and the caregivers embraced the spirit of Christmas.


Lunch was the icing on the cake. It was time to catch up with each other. Like I have always mentioned, Themba has managed to create one big family. One child once confessed that she never used to have friends, probably because the other children from her school looked down upon her because she was an orphan. But now she has many friends at Themba.

As I watched the children and the caregivers enjoy their lunch as a big family, my heart began to praise God for all the people that have made the ministry of Themba possible. Some of you will never meet these people whose lives you have transformed but God will reward you for the great sacrifices that you have made.

May God continue to supply all your needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus!

Soneni Thabulawa
Zimbabwe Sponsorship Coordinator

I hope you have enjoyed this report on the Christmas Party that you provided! Thank you for your support and prayers for the children in Zimbabwe.

Lynn Nuzzo, Orphan Sponsorship and Donation Coordinator

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