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The article below (The Most Important Thing …)
is so encouraging for the whole world, but Zimbabwe is suffering. Please pray for all the people, including the Themba staff, and all the children and caregivers. I just got an email saying what a hard time they are having. Here are a few excerpts from that email.
Greetings from Zimbabwe. … Unfortunately we did not have electricity the whole day. You will remember, Janelle, that when I was in the States I did mention that the situation in Zim was getting worse. I never knew that we were going to get to where we are now. The situation is very bad.
… Soneni will try once again to send you the infomation tomorrow but the challenge is that we go for days without electricity. …
Please pray for Hope 4 the Orphan – Themba. They have to work under very trying situations to do their work well.

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