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God is always present, even in troubling times.

As the financial crisis deepens in Zimbabwe, Cornelious writes of riots, demonstrations and burning of cars in Harare. Banks are restricting their customers to $100 withdrawals per day, while schools demand full payment of fees and businesses expect to get paid on time. In the midst of these trials, God continues to show His presence!

God, even in the difficulties of paying fees: Our children continue to attend lessons!

image“The Lord has shown us great favor with the schools allowing our children to attend lessons when we could not pay the fees on time…. The schools have a lot of confidence in us and have openly shared that we were among the best organizations in paying fees for the orphaned children.” -Cornelious.

imageGod, with us in our home visits

“I have been encouraged to see the families putting their trust in God.” -Similo

“It is through these visitsto the families that I have come to know their daily lives and the challenges they meet, and I get to pray with them… The children and caregivers of Themba are a pleasure to work with.” -Sidalekile

God, blessing the Bible clubs

“Some of our children have openly discussed the challenges that have affected their personal lives, and we have had one on one talks to assist them in becoming confident young people.” -Sidalekile


“I love and enjoy working with the children at Themba. They have great vision and they can be great future leaders… Despite the circumstances that surround them, they are so determined in their school work…. I want to do more activities that will motivate them in attaining a brighter future… that will strengthen their confidence and boost their self-esteem.” -Simiso

“As we meet with the children during Friday Bible Clubs for spiritual input, I have witnessed children giving their lives to Jesus… I have always smiled
in the knowledge that Themba is not just catering
for the children’s physical needs, but also their spiritual needs.” -Similo

“Our bank has allowed us to withdraw funds greater than the normal allowance…. This is indeed a humbling experience which shows me that God will always provide for us, using other people. He is a good God!” -Cornelious

God’s provision of refreshment for the staff (Matopos Hills)


“At the staff retreat in Matopos, I learned that success lies in hard work and a positive mindset, despite the hard circumstances that may prevail… Team building games was one exciting part… Effective communication was highlighted to make a team function effectively.” -Sidalekile

“I am so thankful for the retreat…. Gazing at nature made me realize that the God we serve is Great and marvelous, worthy to be praised… I believe God will help our Themba family to achieve the goals and
aims that have been set.” -Simiso

God’s hand upon us


“It has always been a joy to serve the Lord here at Themba, as I have always seen the hand of the Lord in my ministry.” -Similo

“The power of a united team has been the envy of many, as a number of people have asked me where I got the people I work with. My answer has always been that God gave them to me.” -Cornelious

Thank you for supporting our ministry through prayer
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