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Our visit with Cornelious was delightful, and there were fun, funny, and then some things that were just weird! One flight ended up to be something that many here have experienced, but I hadn’t in all my years of travel around the globe. So I wanted to share just a few of these with you. Enjoy!


One fun thing we did with The Fellowship church in Katy was to participate in a 5k run for “Attack Poverty”, a ministry that The Fellowship works with. Many of the church members ran, and here are some of the pictures.

imageCornelious and Gail Edmondson

imageReady to run!

imageYou can’t keep a good man down! — Or a good woman, for that matter. Cornelious took 3rd place in his age group, and I took first in mine. So we did our part in holding up the name of The Fellowship in the race. It was lots of fun!

Three other wonderful/fun “gifts” in Houston….

imageFirst time ever to see a drone.

imageA beautiful cake for coffee!

And leaving Houston, our flight was cancelled. First time ever happening to me in all my years – our flight was CANCELLED! But the airlines did well by us. About 12 midnight, they took us to the Houston Hilton. Very posh!! Our rooms were bigger than some houses in Zimbabwe.

image We walked into this beautiful hotel at midnight, and Cornelious turned around to face me, arms spread and said, “Someone must have decided that I also needed to stay in an American hotel.” Certainly better than sleeping in the airport!

Touring Boston

imageOn the tour bus with Janet Burd

imageBeautiful Boston

Janet Burd, one of our Board Members treated us to a “Duck Tour” of Boston, the city and the harbor. For all who don’t know what a “Duck Tour” is (I didn’t), you drive through the city in an amphibious vehicle and then when you reach the harbor, you enter the water and boat around the harbor. Well, for us from Zimbabwe, this was absolutely amazing. When we entered the water, an expression of astonishment came over Cornelious’ face. — And it was astonishing!!

imageAnd Cornelious even got to drive!

imageAnd of course, a catnap is in order.

Our trip from coast to coast was very productive, and lots of fun. We were so blessed to have Cornelious visit, to see so many of you, and to take the ministry to the next level of development.

We appreciate every one of you and ask for your prayers as we continue to walk forward in the journey God has set out for us at Hope 4 the Orphan.


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