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Our visit with Cornelious was delightful, and there were fun, funny, and then some things that were just weird! One flight ended up to be something that many here have experienced, but I hadn’t in all my years of travel around the globe. So I wanted to share just a few of these with you. Enjoy!


imageDisneyland, of course !!

imagePlanting a tree with the Wigals

imageLunch with George and Mary

imageNo no no !!

Los Angeles must always include Disneyland and Cornelious thoroughly enjoyed his time there. But he was not impressed with the extreme rides. His response was, “No no no – no more rides like that!! Fireworks, yes, but no more rides.

His hosts, the Wigal family, asked him to help plant a tree in honor of one of their family members, and George and Mary Bragg were wonderful hosts. They treated him to a beautiful drive by the Pacific Ocean. First time to see an ocean!! Wonderful visit all around.


imageBeautiful Cantigne

image“Cutting the tape”

Tulip time in Cantigne, the estate of Robert McCormick, was beautiful. We strolled through the wonderful gardens and then we cut the tape to open a new 10 foot section of sidewalk. Well, maybe we just made that up and pretended Cornelious was officially opening it. 🙂

But then, disaster struck! This was the funny and “weird” part. Cornelious ended up falling into the abyss of the American medical system! It was funny, only because it ended up that he was completely healthy! But here are the pictures of his stay in a beautiful American (and expensive) hospital.

imageAbsolutely healthy!

imageIt was not easy to get out!!

imageDressed for Isolation!

But he was released, and even had time to mow the lawn, besides meeting with sponsors and preaching at the worship service the next morning.

imageMowing has a very different face in Zimbabwe, so this was a new experience for Cornelious. And Tom benefited too.

imageAnd of course, Tom Ekin, Cornelious’ host for his time in Illinois, sent us off at the airport with much humor.


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