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I thought I would share this video done by the Department of Tourism in Zambia, just to give you a view of the country to the north of Zimbabwe. The Victoria Falls, as seen in the video, is on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, about 5 hours drive north of Bulawayo.
While it is very much a tourists’ view of Zambia, still it shows the beauty of the people and the land. Zimbabwe is very much like Zambia in the natural habitat, wildlife, with the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls being the border between the two countries.
In the commentary, it mentions that the economy of Zambia is growing. Unfortunately this is not true of Zimbabwe. Instead it continues to decline.
Continue to pray for Zimbabwe and its people. All that natural beauty is there and the people are wonderful, but the economy is again on the brink of collapse. The people continue to suffer. So please pray.

Welcome to Zambia

The best documentary of Zambia I have ever seen! Great work on this video. You want to have a glimpse of Zambia? then watch this!

Posted by TravelZambia on Friday, September 4, 2015

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