Last year, the performance of our children was the best ever!

Grade School

We have seen such an improvement in the academic performance of our grade school children.

All the grade seven’s passed their exams very well and proceeded on to high school, prepared for that next step.

While they did well academically, they still had time for joy and fun at the Bible clubs.

High School

Among the high school children, again we are seeing a great improvement.

Five of those finishing high school qualified to go forward with the 2 year college prep courses (called the A-Levels).

All the other children finishing high school are now enrolled in City Council Trade Schools, beginning courses of their choice.

Our teenagers showed great leadership leading their different teams in the Bible Quiz

Trade Schools

Two boys in painting courses are outstanding and are now being paid by the city council.

Another doing carpentry asked Cornelious if he could do anything around his house, as a way of “giving back”. He is doing so well the school is sending him around the country to do work.

Emmanuel Dube received his diploma in Motor Mechanics.
Congratulations to Emmanuel.

University Students

We are so proud of our university students. Here you see Sandi looking beautiful as she graduated.

We have 4 children in 2 different universities this year and all are doing very well.

  • Sikhangezile is in her last year
  • Gracious and Njabulo are 2nd year
  • Moreblessings is just beginning.

We have two other children that will begin this year.

We Praise God!

Other News

Our God is Good!

* The cyclone which brought heavy flooding to Zimbabwe this year also filled the dams, refreshed the land and supplied a bumper harvest of food!

* One of our students almost died this year, but God granted him life. Emmanuel could not finish his final year in his trade school, but because he had done so well, after he was released from the hospital his school requested he return and finish his course. We were delighted to agree!