Priscilla and Holden Visit the Children


Board Chair, Priscilla MacRae, and her husband and board member, Holden, traveled to Bulawayo last fall to visit the children and staff of Hope4theOrphan-Themba. They found the people of Bulawayo to be warm, joyful and filled with great humor.

During their visit they participated in the Friday Bible Club held at one of the schools the children attend. Meeting under a tree on a beautiful afternoon, the children sang and shared Bible verses and poetry they had memorized. Priscilla and Holden shared with the children their desire for them to continue learning and walking with Jesus. They were pleased to see the 30 children given a healthy snack to enjoy, an orange and apple.

Meeting with the H4tO staff and our two college interns, Elsie and Natsai, they received an in-person update on the ministry. They were impressed with Elsie and Natsai, both psychology majors at Midlands State University, the interns with H4tO in 2023. These interns assist Similo in school and home visits with the children and caregivers, as well as planning and implementing the worship and teaching activities at the Friday and Saturday Bible Club meetings. They found the young women to be mature and passionate followers of Christ who love the children and families served by the ministry.

They spent a day visiting three schools of the 20 that the children attend, meeting with the headmistresses and headmaster and visiting some of the classrooms. The admin at all three schools were very supportive of the children and thanked us (H4tO) for providing the support that keeps the children in school.

Priscilla and Holden sponsor two Themba children and they were able to meet both of them, along with their families. The first was Chief who attends a trade school and is currently interning with a big food chain. His manager was so impressed with his skills and work ethic that he wants to hire him in management after Chief passes three more courses. Chief will write those exams in June 2024 and we pray he is successful. They also met his mother and his five siblings/cousins, all living in a very small 2-room apartment.

Their second child is Mphathiswa, a 10 year

old girl who lives with her mother and two

little sisters. They visited her at the school

she attends, and also spoke with her at the

Friday Bible Club.

Priscilla writes, “Both Chief and Mphathiswa have lovely smiles and seemed happy to meet us in person. Our hearts rejoiced meeting them and their families!”

What a blessing this trip was for both the MacRae’s and the children and staff! Thank you, Priscilla and Holden, for blessing the H4tO Themba family with your wonderful trip.