Greetings from Zimbabwe!

The year 2023 has finally come to an end and we are so grateful to GOD for all that he took us through during the course of the year.

Like other years, 2023 had its ups and downs, but the GOD who never fails showed us his mercy. Today we celebrate the gift of life as the Themba family for he has enabled us to see the end of the year.

University Students

This year saw a number of our university students moving from Bulawayo to Harare. This presented a lot of challenges for us as we had then to provide for their food, accommodation, and transport needs. All the needs of these students who are majoring in science were met through the sacrificial giving of our sponsors. GOD will remember you all and your labor will never be in vain.

 As I write this report some of these students have since graduated, while others are writing their last papers. It was not easy to see schools and universities increasing their fees every term due to high inflation in Zimbabwe. Again GOD provided for all our needs and we are so grateful.

Bible Clubs

We continue to run the Bible Club every Friday and the attendance is very good now. We thank God for His grace as we see the zeal and excitement from the children as they continue with lessons from the Book of Hope. We gave each child a copy to read at home and bring it with them every Friday at Bible club for discussions and written activities to reinforce our lessons. Our objective for these lessons is that the children will learn that Jesus died to take away their sins and give them eternal life. They will also learn that God is their heavenly father and be able to talk to Him in prayer. They will get to learn practical lessons like choosing good friends, and their self-esteem will be boosted.

Home Visits

We have introduced a book called Our Family to all the families we visit. It has similar topics such as those of the Book of Hope that we use for the children, but this one caters for the whole family. This program will help them to be able to celebrate the uniqueness of their families and learn how to make them stronger. They will learn how to better support each other as a team and improve communication. In Our Family, topics such as – we are all special and unique, our different roles, learning from each other, having fun together, our large family, making a difference in our community and our family’s future – are all discussed. May you pray for the Themba families, that this program will make them grow in the knowledge of God.


During the course of the year, we lost one of our loving care givers, Mrs. Dube, who was very instrumental in the leadership of our prayer groups. Mrs. Dube will be sadly missed by the Themba family. On the other hand, Mrs. Luphahla has been battling cancer for two years now. We pray that GOD will strengthen the Luphahla children as they take care of their mother under very difficult conditions, and that he will comfort the Dube family on the loss of their dear 


One of the greatest challenges of the year 2023 is that we have had excessive heat over an extended time period, resulting in the loss of thousands of livestock. Also, many have given up prospects of growing crops this year as the weather people anticipate a severe drought.

School Reports

All our children have brought in their school reports, and we are excited that a good number of them did very well at school. We pray that those who did not do well will not lose hope but work hard in the coming year.

Christmas Party

We had a lovely Christmas Party for both our care givers and children on the 21st of December. A lot of activities were done by the children on the day. We also had those who completed their university studies inspiring the rest of the children as they wore their academic dresses and also shared their experiences. I am convinced many were inspired to work hard.


One of our volunteers, Else, has completed her internship and will be going back to finish her course at the university. We thank GOD for the wonderful time we have had with her, and we wish her all the best in her studies.

As the Themba family, we are so grateful first to GOD for the preservation of life and all his goodness upon our lives and families. Secondly, we are so grateful to all the supporters and sponsors who continue to give to our ministry in order to change the lives of the orphans in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

May God bless you all

Corneilious Moyo and Similo Thebe