It is Orphan Awareness Month, help us share in this final week!

We are experiencing a shortfall this year due to extremely high inflation in Zimbabwe and the schools requiring that all payments be made in US dollars rather than the Zimbabwe dollar.

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Favour and her brother, Joshua, have suffered great loss in their lives, and yet if you meet them, you will find them filled with smiles and many laughs. As well as losing their father, their mother passed away in 2021. At that time, Favour was caring for her 4 younger siblings and not attending school. Then their young aunt, Melody, stepped in to provide a home for Joshua and Favour, while the 4 younger children were taken to an orphanage. Joshua and Favour greatly miss their younger siblings.

Both Joshua and Favour love school and attending Themba’s Friday Bible Club. Favour recently was chosen to represent her high school at a national art show where she displayed 2 of her paintings. Both are delightful children and bring great joy to everyone in the Themba family.