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As Orphan Awareness Month continues will you join us?
We are experiencing a shortfall this year due to extremely high inflation in Zimbabwe and the schools requiring that all payments be made in US dollars rather than the Zim Currency.

Come follow us on Facebook and share on your social media throughout the month. Pray for Hope4theOrphan and the children our Father has called us to care for. Donate using the button or QR code at the bottom. (Share links available below)

We are so blessed from the donations already given so far to Hope4theOrphan!

Mphathiswa lives with her mother and five younger nieces and nephews. Her father passed away in 2015. Mphathiswa’s mother is a vendor who sells vegetables, sweets and snacks.
Mphathiswa always has a beautiful smile on her face. She loves school and playing with her friends. She enjoys attending the Friday Bible Club and making new friends. She joined the Hope4theOrphan family last year.

Bongile lives with her mother and three older siblings. Her father passed away in 2014. Her mother is a street vendor and sells sweets and vegetables.
Bongile is an adventurous girl and it is fun to watch her explore her surroundings. She loves school and attending the weekend Bible Club in her neighborhood. Her family has been a part of Hope4theOrphan since she was just a baby in 2015.