At a time when so much seems wrong in Zimbabwe, it is important to step back and ask God to show us the bigger picture, the way he is at work in the strife and chaos that seem to have engulfed the country. This bigger picture was so apparent when our A’Level Exam children received their results, and we found out that every one of our 5 children had qualified to enter university.

To qualify for university, in the best of times and coming from optimum family circumstances, is a remarkable achievement. Many of our children have distressing home situations, and yet each one has overcome and excelled to achieve this marvelous goal. We congratulate each one of them!

Rorisang Ndlovu
“Always smiling and always ready to help.” When Rorisang got his results, his mother (a vegetable vender) was all tears of joy as she had never thought he would get this far with his education.”

Togara Mupeiwa
“Cheerful, responsible and reliable.” Togara was chosen to be a Prefect in his high school. “His mother can’t believe that this year Togara… qualified for university. It was all possible because of the love and support from the Themba family.”

Sanelisiwe Moyo
“Always a pleasure to work with.” Sane is determined to not disappoint her mother whom she loves very much. Her mother says her “hope of having a child go beyond high school was almost lost, but God restored that hope through Themba”.

Jeremiah Mimo
“Responsible, reliable and always ready to help when Themba has an activity.” He is sociable and has good leadership skills, selected as a Prefect for his school. Jeremiah lost both parents, then lived with his grandmother until she moved. Now he is living with an uncle.

Lucky Mpande
“There is a determination that is in Lucky.” He is focused and composed, a keen and hard working student. He is the first child in the family to qualify for university and his family is very grateful to be a part of Themba.

We are so proud of these, our children. God has given us the gift of being a part of their young lives and their successes.

And each of you are a part of God’s gracious gift to us. Thank you for loving God and for loving these children.

Thank you!