Zimbabwe News

Coronavirus Pandemic: Although they have not seen many cases of Covid 19 during the Pandemic, any case is too many. The hospitals are not equipped to handle this virus due to the current state of the economy and drought. Thankfully none of the families in the program have contracted it. The city has issued a curfew and the streets are patrolled by police and the army to make sure people are staying at home. Only essential workers are allowed out and thankfully the Themba staff has been given permission to visit the families and distribute food.

Water: Due to the drought, water in now restricted to one day a week! Families sometimes have to stand in long lines and fill as many containers as they can. To make matters, worse there was a small outbreak of contaminated water last month and several people died of infection.

Education: The schools remain closed. In June a radio program was put together to broadcast lessons in a variety of languages that can reach even the rural areas of the country where many of our children have gone to live. We are grateful to hear that some form of school continues! No date has been set to reopen the schools at this time.

Food Distribution: Themba began distributing food on a monthly basis in June. This is where your donations are being put to good use right now! The families are so grateful for the food as they are unable to do any informal work and feed their children. We will continue to distribute food as long as it is needed.




Please continue to pray for the children and their families during these challenging times!

Blessings and peace to you and your family,

Lynn Nuzzo

Hope4theOrphan Sponsorship and Donation Coordinator