Hope4TheOrphan – Themba

We need your help! As Orphan Awareness Month continues will you join us? We are experiencing a shortfall this year due to extremely high inflation in Zimbabwe and the schools requiring that all payments be made in US dollars rather than the Zim Currency. Come follow us on Facebook and share on your social media […]

It is Orphan Awareness Month and we would love your assistance! Please join us in bringing awareness by following us on Facebook and sharing on your social media throughout the month. (Share links for you are available below) Pray for Hope4theOrphan and the children God has called us to care for. You can donate using […]

After 4 years, it was a great joy for me to return to Zimbabwe with my 2 children, Krista and Allen Wade, along with one of my granddaughters, Elizabeth. We had the privilege of having Colin and Dawn Davis, friends from our early days in Bulawayo, accompany us for the whole trip. The first week […]